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Hello, I'm Jeffrey Crockett

I'm a husband, father of two, and avid golfer...
I'm also a full-stack web developer...

About Me

My name is Jeff Crockett. I graduated Texas State University in 2016 with a BBA in Business Management. My degree, however, was not the beginning of my professional career. Building on a keen understanding of customer support and service, significant experience working with people and teams, and the durability that comes from working construction in New York City, I was eager to gain responsibility and showcase my talents in business.

Fresh off my new degree, I began working with a local software company designing a complex Web-app to help non-profits host anything from a backyard BBQ with a fundraising component to multi-million dollar fundraising events. This web-app was a core component of each event and its responsibilities included ticket sales, event check-in, full mobile bidding auctions, donations, checkout, credit card processing, and much, much more. We brought this software from initial design to fruition and successfully implemented into the field. I quickly became an influential member of the team, understood competition in the market, and took the reigns.

Assuming the role of VP of Ops, I worked as the lead sales representative, lead customer support representative, team and training leader, and (we all know how small businesses work) pretty much anything else that needed attention. Most importantly, I worked side by side with a fabulous developer to enhance functionality, roll out new features, and respond to client needs in a timely manner. As the lead designer of the platform, my attention was quickly drawn to development. Thanks to the fantastic teachers and mentors at Austin Coding Academy, I not only know how to run a company, sell and support a product, and design software but I also know how to develop it.

Nothing would make me happier than to find the perfect fit with your company and bring my wide range of talents to work! In the top right corner of this portfolio, please find the download link for my Resumè and contact information. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. I can't wait to hear from you!